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Cecil Bank – Cecil and Hartford Counties

Cecil Federal Bank offers great services to the community. It works with ethical behavior, integrity and honesty. It is always coordinated with the regulations, rules and laws. That’s why it has a great reputation and success. The bank with its subsidiaries is referred to as “Bancorp”.

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This bank has 82 employees and 11 offices. The total assets are estimated on $375 million. It is managed and owned locally in the area of Harford and Cecil counties. It is one of the oldest community banks in that area. The President and CEO of the bank is Terrie G. Spiro. The board of Directors includes Thomas L. Vaughan, Robert A. Payne III, William F. Ariano Jr. and William H. Cole IV. Bank officers are Thomas J. Ahearn, R. Lee Whitehead, Brian J. Hale and Terrie G. Spiro. The business development is managed by Robin W. Brueckman.

Bank Loans

Depending on the type of the loan the rates go from 5.25% for 5 years to 5.75% for 15 years. It provides Home Equity Loans and Personal Loans.

Home Equity Loans

With the low rates this bank provides, people can save money on taxes. It provides affordable monthly payments on a fixed time period. You can even check your borrowing position with the Home Equity Loan Test.

Personal Loans

The bank offers a variety of consumer credit options. It has an experience of working with business and families for over 40 years. They make their customer’s goal their priority and they can help anyone out with any situation such as starting a business, sending a child to college, buying a new home and so on. The decisions are made by local people, so you will most likely know them. The personal service you’ll receive will be very refreshing.

Real Estate for Sale

They also offer buying customer’s real estate for sale. So, while profiting they can help their customers sell their real estate very fast. The customers get the money they deserve in no time

Note: We are not affiliated with Cecil Federal Bank – We are an information website only for educational purposes. If you are looking for the official Cecil Bank’s website, you can find them by clicking here

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